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You purchase microwave oven for quick and healthy cooking. When your microwave oven develops some fault you become panicky. In Mumbai and its suburbs there are dependable experts who are able to repair your faulty microwave oven. In the market microwave ovens are available in various brands such as IFB, Onida, Godrej, Samsung, Electrolux, Bajaj, LG, Kenstar. The experts of microwave repair in Mumbai are proficient in attending to any of the above brands.


Why should you not try to repair your microwave oven yourself?

The microwave oven is complex equipment which works by generating electro-magnetic waves. The cooking is accomplished by agitating the cells of the items with the help of the waves. Longer exposure to the waves is not good for the human health. The machine has in-built protection for saving you from the exposure of the radiation while cooking. When a layman tries to dismantle its parts he will remove such protections. This will endanger your health. Only the well trained and experienced experts should be entrusted with the repair jobs of a microwave oven.


Secondly there are risks of electric shock. The manufacturer prohibits any dismantling of the microwave oven by unauthorized persons on purpose. Inside the microwave oven there is no fool-proof arrangement for saving you from any possible catastrophe. In case any fault is developed you should immediately contact the persons authorized for microwave repair in thane.


The third important point is that an inexperienced hand is sure to damage the sensitive electronic parts or integrated circuit of the microwave oven. Even if you are able to rectify some fault by acquiring some knowledge of the microwave oven, you will leave some imprints of your wrong handling of the electronic circuitry. These partial damages will cost you dearly. You will face repeated breakdowns of the microwave oven. Very soon you shall have to do away with your microwave oven. Thus self-repair of your delicate microwave oven shall be penny wise pound foolish decision. Without any rethinking you should call microwave repair in navi mumbai experts. They are well trained and will rectify your prized possession within no time. In most of the cases the repair will be done in-situ. But in some rare faults they may shift the microwave oven to their workshop.


Considering the risks involved to your health and to your bank balance, you should never try to attend to the faults of your microwave oven yourself. You may be an electronic engineer. But you cannot be an expert repairer until you gather sufficient working skill in course of prolonged experience in the field of microwave oven repair. In-depth training and skill are the important things which the experts have. You must intelligently allocate the right job to the right person for getting the right results. The experts of microwave repair in Mumbai are the right persons to call for the repair of your faulty microwave oven.


Common problems of microwave oven which should never be overlooked

  1. If your microwave oven stops working, it may be due to faulty electrical outlet or tripped breaker. This problem can be resolved by rectifying the electrical outlet or by resetting the breaker. Otherwise you have to immediately call the experts.
  2. If you find smoke or sparks inside the microwave oven, you must unplug the microwave oven from the electric supply line. Never try to restart the microwave oven and call the expert repairers.
  3. The microwave oven may be working but there is no heating. Disconnect the microwave oven from the electric supply line and call your experts of microwave repair in navi Mumbai.
  4. The turn table is not rotating.